Alright witch race is the most unattractiveness?


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  • Just stop with this. This question is purely intended to put people down and make them feel bad about themselves or start a bunch of race arguments.


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  • Most people are too PC/liberal to admit it but it's black but only because media controls heavily what we find attractive and well... media promotes Caucasian features.

    Black people often have to date down in terms of looks when dating outside their race. Like you'll see an 8/10 black chick with a 5/10 white boy or have lots of money/social status for people to give them a chance.

    Even escorts discriminate against blacks as you'll frequently find them saying "NO BLACK GUYS".

    When we look at dating sites online many people don't want black woman/men to message them and screen them out 1 time. And if they do give them a chance they often have to bring more to the table than a non-black candidate would have had.

    E. g. A 5/10 white girl would be fine dating a 5/10 average white guy but the black guy needs to be tall, muscular, and good looking for her to give him a chance. Seen it all the time.

  • Are witches a different race?