I'm a lone wolf and feel undateable, help?

Over the past 5 years i've realised that i prefer to do things on my own and i excel when i'm left to my own devices. This was further reinforced by my current job, for the first 8 months (Been in the job about a year now) it was just me on site, (the were of course other people employed to the company, but they were all sat in the main office HQ about 200 miles away). After 8 months another guy joined which took some of the workload off me which i did appreicate

Anyway i'm beginning to wonder whether being this lone wolf, i can do things myself i don't need anyone to do things for me pesrona is actually hurting my love life. I won't deny that at times i feel lonley and would love to share my life with someone, but based on a past hurt and my job i now find it hard to let other people in when i'm so used to doing things on my own.

As strange as it sounds i sometimes feel like if i'm in a group with people that i feel like i havne't been able to do the task at hand despite sometimes the task requires more than 1 person for legitimate reasons (other person has more knowleadge than me or is the client and therefore needs constant input and updating)

Beacuse of this i'm beginning to feel undateable as whenever i find a girl to talk to they just randomly stop chatting to me for no apprent reason; i can't change something when i have no idea what to change. I'm beginning to think it's something about my looks or personality. It's starting to make me a bit bitter


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  • i think it all depends on you... do you really want to date? or is it simply a farse because its something you feel you should do to feel normal? there's nothing wrong withwith being used to doing things on your own and being used to your own company and feeling at ease with it. ..

    • I'd say it's both, i do wanna date but also at the same time i feel like not being 'normal' is a detrement to me... i'm not goign to date someone for the wrong reasons, but i just can't seem to find anyone that's worth my time...

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    • CAre to explain beyond helping?

    • Well someone tries to give you advise which you ask for but its not what you want to hear is it? You want someone to tell you that your doomed and that Yes it is your fault and you just keep banging on and on about how you feel wrong. . your incapable of seeing things positively that is way i think your beyond help.. its your attitude that ruins things i think. eventually a person gets tired of it... No offence but you should really brighten up... im not saying its easy weve all lived at least one experience that Marks us for life but unless you look Beyond it and out it behind you in my opinion things for you won't change as far as dealing with girls goes...

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  • First off, drop the lone wolf act. It just means you're a loner with title that sounds less cringe. Being introverted is fine, but being shy and socially inept is not. It sounds like you are number two due to circumstance and you are trying rationalize it with the "lone wolf" You need a different approach. Being 24, you are in your prime in dating value. It shouldn't be too hard.

    • I wouldn't say i'm socially inept i just can't be dealing with most people's drama, especially guys drama of which most of it is linked to vanity... blughh and also most of the things people my age are suppsoed to enjoy like clubbing for example i hate