Can she really be over me that fast? Or is it a rebound?

Well its been 2.5 months form our break up, and well she has started to date another guy within 2 - 3 weeks of us breaking up, and then having sex with this guy dating him for about 2 weeks or less and are still together.

We dated for 18 months and been going through a bit of a rough patch for a few parts of it and near the end where she started complaining about my minor flaws as a person.

She always told me how much she would like to settle down with a guy like me, and even went as far as saying it when we broke up saying "I would like to settle down with the type of guy like you, I just don't want to get your hopes up, that we won't be back together anytime soon." Then without me knowing that she had been dating this guy about 4 - 5 weeks after breaking up, I was like what do you mean when you said that, she went on saying well we have this and that in common.

Now I just curious what people think of this situation, she also wants to be friends after all that has happened.

Any opinions are liked.

This will help me also understand the situation better.


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  • Its kind of hard to know what really went on when someone like me or other answerers are not around the both of you to analyze your relationship. I am currently going threw a somewhat similiar situation. I was dating my latest ex for 5, almost 6 months when he decided to drop the ball on me saying that he didn't think we could work out and he got back with his ex. I think it is highly stupid for someone like your ex and my ex to leave the nice people hanging and go to something that they think is better. Just let her make her dumb mistake of her thinking that this new guy is the one to settle down with. I know it is hard, but you have plenty of girls you can meet and can be better than her and will want to settle down with you if you are ready for it. I personally wouldn't try to stay friends with her because it is just breaking your heart even more when you see her and this new guy or hear stories about them. It is not healthy. I know its really hard because I am going threw the same deal. I am finding new hobbies to do and meeting new people and keeping myself busy. If she truly loved you, she would have loved you with your flaws. Everyone has flaws or insecurities that we can't help. Don't let a girl hate on your flaws because she isn't there for you 100%. I wish you the best of luck and keep your head up high.


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  • Hm, you've got quite the woman on your hands. You're stable, safe, she knows she might be able to keep you on her finger, why not go around and f*** these young bucks who she knows are about as good as dirt? After all you need to break out! ... or whatever her girlfriends told her.

    No, but uh, really she was probably over you a long time ago, you're just stable, safe, a "wonderful guy" insofar as being a provider of support and comfort and if she can run with the bulls and come back unscathed why not? You're a sucker, probably, and you've been together for 18 mos. but she was done with you 9 mos. ago.

    • Actually we got back together after being apart for 3 months and well it started off pretty strongly, and it was just a test and we said we would have to look at our selves after 3 months latter, and well three months latter she said she didn't love me anymore.