Why do you guys post this?

a long time ago i posted a question asking people what type of race they like. got a looooottttt of hate on that. Now i understand why.

But now people are posting things like "do you like Asian girls"... "would a Latina women like a Asian guy"... "Why don't African women like African men"... and I'm like WTF, first of people can like who ever they want its not always a specific type of race, and its just a way people think it highers the chances of the other person liking them. (well that was my reason a long time ago)

We all have our own preference every person is different...

but if you really want to know

i hope that made you guys feel better... but really I don't think it does

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i just realiezed i put this under the wrong catagory
Why do you guys post this?
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