What Does "Playing Hard to Get" Even Mean?

I saw a thread where a girl asked whether guys can sense if a girl is playing hard to get. Most guys said they can sense it. My question is: what does a girl do to show you she's playing hard to get? It's nothing I've ever attempted to do so I'm curious about how it's done in this day and age?


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  • Pretending to be disinterested in a guy. It's silly really. It's wanting a guy but acting like she doesn't in hopes he'll push through the BS. In most cases girls do it as a wall of security to keep the "wrong" type of guy out and the justification is the "right" guy will push through her BS in order to get you, because she's worth the pain she dishes out. But some girls do it as a way to entice a guy to chase her. It "can" work, because of the competitive sense most guys have. She shows interest, then takes it away, while trying to be the more independent person. Acting like she doesn't need him, even tho inside she's like an excited little girl watching a movie hoping the guy wins in the end.

    It's a game.

    • I wonder how many times a guy thinks I'm playing hard to get when really I've been busy for a couple hours or something lol.

    • No idea lol. Can only speak for myself. I never think about it. I generally assume she's busy or diatracted with something else, because the people in the room with you take precedence. People have work, chores or whatever so it really doesn't make sense to take things personally. "Oh, she didn't text back right away it must be me. Maybe she's playing hard to get"... or maybe she's in the shower lol. Could be anything.
      There was only one time I thought a girl was doing that, but that's because she was painfully obvious in many ways. One being If I texted her within 10 minutes she would wait exactly 10 minutes to push send. I do 5, she did 5. I do 15 she does 15. It was on the dot lol. She'd try to make me jealous by talking about other guys that were hitting on her. Sometimes even making up people lol

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  • Basically when she wants him, he wants her, but she making him work for it