Does it mean a girl likes you if she responds positively (and not awkwardly) to you telling her that she's cute?

I've told her this twice. The first time, she sent me a snap of her rabbit. I said "that filter makes you look like a rabbit! You should use the one that makes you look like a [her name]." She replied with another pic of her rabbit with the caption, "I like this one better lol" I replied, "I think they're both cute." She said, "haha thanks :)"
The second time was when we lost our snapchat streak. She sent me a snap saying "Aww, we lost our streak!" I said, "I know! I'm so mad! I can't tell my friends I'm on a snapchat streak with a cute girl anymore!" She replied, "haha 😂"
She thinks I'm pretty funny in general, and I'm wondering if she likes me.


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  • She might like you, try to take things further. She could just be trying to be nice and friendzone you though but it doesn't hurt to try!

  • I think she does, especially when she was sad about losing the streak with you haha. Ask her for lunch some time (:


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