So I got her number, now what?

I was at a dive bar this evening watching football and I sat down next to a couple girls. I wasn't really paying them much attention at all really, I was more concerned with my game when one of them the one I was sitting closest too turn to me and started talking to me. Her and her friend were very friendly and we were there talking for a little over an hour her friend even seem to take a bit of a liking to me because we started talking about politics and whatnot. But the girl next to me, me and her as it will turn out, seemed to have a lot in common. To make a long story short the girl that was sitting closest to me "her name is Ashley" ask for my Facebook and gave me her number. Her friend invited me to come out to their town to visit. Note: we never scheduled anything I think she was just talking. Her friend also gave me her Facebook but I asked her for it. When they left they both gave me a hug and said they hope to see me again.

What should I do now? I really don't want to screw this up


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  • Don't rush anything or try to hard she'll notice get to know her better and maybe take her to catch a movie or drink !


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  • Message the girl you have things in common with!


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