What is a good date night meal?

Quick Background:
My last post was about how appropriate it was to invite my date to my place for our first date. Everyone has said yes, since we know each other as friends pretty well already. Anyways, we have settled with this as the plan coming up this Friday night.

This Question:
I've really been struggling trying to figure out what to cook for her. I'm a pretty competent chef having worked on a private charter boat over the summer. I wasn't really allowed to be creative there and cooked the same thing every week. I was wondering if the community on here had any ideas for great meals. Also a good wine or champagne suggestion would be great.

About her:
As far as I know, she doesn't have any dietary restrictions. I know she loves steak, pizza and that sort of stuff. I was just thinking about staying away from something too common. Or is that the way to go?
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In case I wasn't clear in the original post. I'm looking for meal suggestions to cook at home. Not a restaurant to go to.
What is a good date night meal?
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