Caught a girl admitting she likes me to another coworker?

Caught a girl admitting she likes me to another coworker. She always stands really close to me and always engages me in conversation our conversations get really sexually charged at times. I make her laugh a lot. Problem is she has a boyfriend

Thanks again


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  • If she really liked you she wouldn't be in a relationship in the first place.. Think about it do you like her? And if she's talking about you to your coworker imagine you being in her boyfriend place

    • Well I just know how everyone sees us flirt back and forth at work

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  • If you get involved with her, you are just asking for trouble.

    I have no respect for people who are in a relationship but still looking to flirt with other people. If she is into you, she shouldn't be in a relationship with her boyfriend. That's just so wrong!

    • Yeah I walked up at the wrong time just as she was admitting it

    • Bet its flattering but you shouldn't entertain her.

    • What do you mean like I could feel myself developing feelings for her everytime we work together we always have conversations where we are laughing and having a good time there's chemistry there even managers and coworkers see it

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