How can I stop being so jealous?

I get really possessive over my guy friend. I fell in love with him and we almost dated before he moved and any sort of romance kind of fell apart. Anyway I get really jealous whenever I see other girls he was friends with say they miss him.. I told him I miss you and he didn't reply so I guess he doesn't care but these girls weren't there when he was upset, they weren't there to ask how his day was. He told me they didn't really care about him and how he'd invite them over and they'd say no. But yet he's sitting there saying he's tearing up because they say they miss him. I know I shouldn't be jealous but every time I see them post something about him on social media I can't help but think it should be me. How can I stop being so jealous and possessive?


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  • Jealousy is another word used for insecurities.

    Focus on changing your negative thoughts regarding your insecurities. Jealousy destroys relationships, so eventually you'll push him away. Everyone has their limits.

    Deal with your issue now rather than losing him and learning a lesson the hard way. Don't be in a position where you only change because you've lost someone you love. make those changes now before you do lose him