Can someone tell me what is wrong with me?

I have been dating this girl for over a month now. All is going well but she is constantly Facebook like (blah blah blah was online 2 minutes ago) every single time! Also, she has 1300 Facebook friends? I texted her 40 minutes ago but I'm seeing her online on FB? Another thing is she starts opening up when she's drunk for example, "I miss you! I miss you so much! I wish you were here to kiss me" during a night out. She hardly ever says that to me when she's sober! Finally, when she was drunk she wanted me to sleepover at her place on Tuesday but now she's giving me excuses saying she has work when she is in has a day off I find all of this irritating and I'm starting to question us two?


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  • Probabily she has changed her mind...

  • nothing is wrong with u , but with her


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