Pls tell me what to do?

Well I am 17 and a friend told me that his best friend (21 years old) liked me last summer. By then I met him and go out with him. One day he told me that he liked me and he wanted to kiss me , I told him that we have only hanged out 1 time and I wanted to know him better. He agreed but he wasn't the same. The next day we hanged out with our friends and his behavior was good. Then he had to leave for a while but we were chatting n fb. When he returned we went out and we kissed (it was my first kiss) and he asked me if I wanted a relationship with him. I told him that I want an open relationship and in the future we would see if it will become more serious. The problem is that he is touching my ass and asked me photos in my bikini and I said no and I think that I am falling in love for him and he maybe expecting more things by me that I can't give to him. sorry for bad English 😒


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  • We are humans. When we like/love someone, we want to have sex with that person. That's how nature rolls.
    You have no obligations to have sex with him. He has no obligations to stick around. Both of you will have to weight whether you are willing to wait for the other or leave. It's up to you to measure how much you want that guy and what you are willing to do to keep him. Same for him. If he decides to leave, it's his prerogative. you will have missed the boat. At the same time, you might want to ask yourself if the boat was really worth taking...

    • @thetundrawolf
      That's what I thought. You blocked me right away you pussy. Typical from people with strong opinions but absolutely incapable of defending them. You borrow your opinions from others (or a book) without ever thinking by yourself. So you copy/paste opinions and immediately shutdown those who question you about them because you don't even understand them.

    • @cerate
      It's the "staying pure for your husband" and "guys are the plague and devour women" that is bullshit. The guy is not a monster, he is just a guy who is interested in her sexually and as a girlfriend. Of course he will touch her. He is initiating. He wants her. He is simply quicker in figuring out how he feels about her. If she is not ready and doesn't go at the same pace as he does, then it's ok, but she should just tell him and leave him.
      It's no better for him to pressure her as it is for her to lead him on. She should end it, no need to make the guy wait after her for so long.

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  • You should tell him that. You should tell him to respect your boundaries. You should remind him that you have not dated for a long time in order for you to feel comfortable enough doing that.
    You should never do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.


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  • No, he is sex crazed. All he wants is your innocence and purity. He will take your virginity away from you and then dump you like trash. This is a common theme with sex crazed young men.

    You need to reject him. Reject him until he gets the hint and goes away. This is not a man who will honor you, who will cherish you and put you first. You cannot have a long term relationship with this type of person. They are like locusts in a plague, they devour women and then move on, leaving you broken, cold, and alone.

    You know this is wrong... Reject him before you end up doing something you regret for the rest of your life.

    Save your virginity for the man who is going to truly love you. Save it for your husband.

    • I can't help but to roll my eyes every time I come across your self-righteous pseudo-religious bullcrap 😒

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    • Thank you all I will be careful with him

    • @Asker Trust me, this guy is not a boat you want anything to do with. It is going to be painful, and hurt to reject him, but the pain you will experience if you give him your body, and he leaves you, will be much, much worse. You can do it hon I am sorry. This world is full of men who will take advantage of you.

  • hung*. Yeah open relationships are a fucking joke haha.
    You basically put him in the 'fuck me with no strings attached' zone.

  • Make your intentions clear before it's too late


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