Did I say something wrong?

I live in a high crime rate town. These goons I used to be friends with kept racing past me when I was walking. They were following me and mean mugging me. I've defended myself before when it has came to guys and I told this guy that. This guy and I were talking relationship wise. We just had sex and the next few days we were talking about sex. Well after the conversation died down I told him I thought my stalker were finally done. He kinda started yelling at me because I was walking alone at night. Even tho I was born there and know a lot of people. I told him I wasn't running scared from these guys because that's exactly what they wanted. Well after that he kind of started acting weird. When I told him I was in his town he didn't want me to stop by. So I dropped a friend off he knew about and we sat in the car and talked. Well he drove by seen my car and sped off really fast. Now he's with another girl.
Before anyone asks, no I didn't expect him to run to my safety. Those guts I know, don't scare me and I don't think they'd hurt me.



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  • It probably had nothing to do with what you said. He was simply trying to find a reason to leave you and he used what you said against you. Give up. He's not worth it.