Is it wrong to text a girl that likes me, even though I don't like her?

So there's this girl (let's call her V) I've known for about a year now. Long story short, she's really into me, but I don't like her. When we first met, I liked her too, but it didn't take me long to discover that I didn't want anything; I just wanted to be friends. A few months ago, I started a new relationship with a girl (let's call her M) that I really do have feelings for. Honestly, I've never felt so confident about a relationship, and she feels the same way. Once V caught wind of this relationship, she wasn't too happy (even though she knows that I just want to be friends). She hasn't done anything about it, but she's said stuff to some of M's friends. M seems like she isn't worried about it, but her friends aren't so sure. I've told M several times that what we have is nothing like that, and that I don't want her feeling anxious about. I told her that if V ever says/does anything, let me know, but she kind of plays the passive "I'm sure things will be fine and she'll get over it" card. Recently, V has been texting me - A LOT. She's been really flirty, but I haven't been reciprocating it, so I think she understands that there's nothing behind it.
So here's what I'm really asking - what do I do about V? Can I still text her? I mean, we've been friends for a while, and M seems like she doesn't mind, but her friends aren't so sure. I'd never do anything to blatantly risk things with M, but I feel like I could be blindly walking into a touchy situation.
No, it's fine; keep doing it - you're only friends
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No, but it's still douchey thing to do; stop
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Yes; stop doing it; be honest with V and tell her about things with M
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Yes; stop doing it; pretend it didn't happen
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Is it wrong to text a girl that likes me, even though I don't like her?
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