Sorry for the long post. What do you think? Did my date go well?

Newly single, met her at a Halloween party. She was a coworkers friend and obviously into me, talked to me the whole night, and I gave her and my coworker a ride home after the party. Got her number and set up a date for Friday.

We didn’t text much in between, mostly to just set up the date. Friday comes and I meet her at a bar near my house. We have some drinks, talk, and it seems to be going pretty smoothly in the beginning.

I was drinking my usual watered down beer, and she suggested we order beers based on how weird the names were. I agreed and said that was a good system as they are most likely the highest alcohol content, I was right. I got a little more drunk than I would have liked. Kind of threw me off my game. Had a few awkward pauses, but seemed to overcome them. I had apologized at one point later that night, letting her know I was a bit nervous. She said it was fine and we eventually left the bar, and went to hang out at my place down the street for a bit.

She met my dog, and we talked a bit more. She seemed nervous, I was sitting on the couch she was sitting on the armrest playing with my dog. Only came to sit with me after I asked her to. I eventually kissed her and she kissed back although it didn't last long, I think she was trying to take it slow maybe. Didn’t seem to want to take it any further, and the date was coming to an end. Eventually she left, but did give me a couple of quick kisses before she left. Was gonna walk her to her car, but when I opened the door my neighbors were there, a bit awkward, so I just said by and she left.

I texted her later saying I had fun and we should do it again sometime. She said, "Yes! I agree.” but that’s it. I sent her a text the next day, again saying I enjoyed myself, and would she like to get together sometime this next week.

She took almost all day to respond but eventually did with “Sure. I’m currently working 2 jobs, I don’t think I mentioned that earlier), but we can figure something out.

I figured she was busy and said "that’s fine, I’ll have to see what my week is like but maybe we can do something more fun this time like bowling or something. We’ll figure it out.” She never replied, and Sunday went by with no texts between us.

How interested is this girl? Did I maybe blow it? Or am I just overreacting? I feel like it wouldn’t take her so long to text back if she was really into me as that is how most women are, but maybe she is different. Ladies… help a man out?


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  • "Yes! I agree.”
    That part i would say yes she was keen, especially since she replied quickly too that.

    As for being at your home after the first date, she would have been out of her comfort zone. Mutual ground is different, maybe that's why she was better at the bar scene.
    She sounded like she was flirting/trying to be funny with the odd beer name game so that is a plus.

    It is odd you did not get a reply about the bowling, but if a guy made a vague date with me and did not give exact time or details, i would be hesitant to text him for them. So she could have waited and just left it. By the sounds of it, you asked her to go out but didn't really follow it up. Even if i was super duper keen i would have still not replied. does that make sense.

    i have a similar thing going on at the moment. i just posted a question about it actually.

    • Yeah, I did kind of leave it open. I said we can figure it out later. I wasn't trying to be too pushy as she seemed busy and I didn't want to annoy her. Plus, I wasn't sure how into me she was and I really just don't know her schedule. I am off at 5 everyday and honestly would be down to hang out again soon, but I don't want to seem to eager/ like I have no life.. Her schedule seems to be crazier. So I figured I would wait a few days and maybe call her this time? Or should I stick to texting... Also trying to think of a good second date activity if you have any suggestions.

      I'll try and answer your question too... !

    • regarding dates if she is shy perhaps the bar again might be a good idea? Perhaps though try an upmarket cocktail lounge or wine bar, and maybe order some nibbles.

      Still text, if she is busy she won't be able to pick up and might not be in the greatest mood. Texting will allow her to read it when she is more free and to respond in a better way. Perhaps you could start off with " sorry i didn't properly organise catching up with you on the weekend, i had a really busy end to the week. I have Friday night off this week and there is a cool new place in town [insert name] i would like to check out. Do you want to meet there at 8pm, unless you can recommend another place?

      As for my question i sort of posted it over two;
      Read first

      read second

  • Sounds like your date went well.. I would ask her out to maybe a movie and dinner... I think I would stay away for the bar scene for a little bit... if not a movie maybe bowling and pizza...

    • Yeah, I don't know about a movie though. I think I might try something more active next time. So we don't have to rely on just chatting. Maybe bowling, or a hockey game, hiking... something like that.

    • Well sound like you're on the right track... good luck...

  • I think you blew it with the kiss, dude, that's waay too soon. I would've been nervous at your house too if that the vibe you were giving off. It'd make me think you just wanted my body. Luckily, she seems still somewhat interested. I wouldn't contact her until the weekend, then ask her out for lunch etc.

    • Eh, I see what your are saying. But I didn't need force it. And she kissed me again later when she left. She actually did it in a way that I wasn't expecting. So I don't think it was that bad. Plus I have actually blown it before by not trying for the kiss. Most girls won't respect you if you don't at least try...

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    • She isn't into me. I asked her to hang out again, and she said she just ended a relationship 2 weeks ago and it wasn't "fair" to me to date, because she wasn't ready. She thought she was which is why she went out with me, but changed her mind later I guess.. Who knows. Guess I blew it. haha, oh well.

    • I'm sorry to hear that, but hey, you now know she isn't the one for you -on to the next one ☺️!

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