Girls, What does that mean?

I met a girl on something like a party (wasn't really a party) we talked a bit, took some photos and than she started to kiss me. After the kiss she asked for my phone number that i gave her and the she went away to her friends.

She started to cry there in joy that she finally find some one that find her attractive and is nice.

Her friend told me that i should wait 1 day and start writing to her. I wrote her up wrote a bit with her and asked if she wants to go out on the weekend.

Her response only was: "Could be really tight need to check and some monkey emojji" It wasn't a fully NO from her but i replied with "Just write to me if you find time"

After that i got some information from a friend that she said that she think that i'm really nice but that she doesn't know.

And she wasn't sure if i'm really her type.(what she really can't know because she only met me once) Is there anything that i can do?

She doesn't want to meet me so i need to text her but it feels like i do 80% of the work and it feels like she is shy.
Girls, What does that mean?
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