Poll: which of thee two would you rather date? ?

Guy 1: 6’0+, good looking, good personality and is nice, good body, terrible at texting, college degree but not a good career, extraverted.

Guy 2: 5’7, average looking, incredible personality and incredibly kind, skinny body, excellent at texting, no college degree, introverted.

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  • Neither

    • How come?

    • A) because he's terrible at texting and doesn't have a good career.

      B) cause he's too short for my tastes, skinny (I like big, strong, tall, fit men), has no college degree ( not that I'm too picky about that, but he has to have a good stable job so that we could live comfortably) and lastly I would want my man to be more extroverted or am ambivert like me.

    • Thanks :)

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  • guy 2 incredible personality and i rather date an introverted guy