How can I appear less "innocent"?

I feel as if guys try to take advantage of me and make fun of me based on the fact that I've never been in a relationship and am a virgin. In other words, they take my lack of experience as a sign of vulnerability. They don't seem to take me seriously either based on the fact that I don't have the experience that most slutty girls have. What can I do?


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  • Well don't dress slutty. I think it's all about how you carry yourself. There was this kid in the Marine Corps I met that was 5"6 and maybe about a buck fifty in weight. He was a guideon and in charge of a lot of other Marines, and he was in the position for a reason. When this guy walked into a room there was just aura that people naturally surrendered to. He was domineering in the way he carried himself. He was intelligent, sharply dressed, and knew how to communicate very effectively. As a steroid using bodybuilder I can attest that it's always about your size when it comes to respect.

    I know you're not talking about size but I can relate the same concept to the issue your having. It might not be that you are inexperienced is it so much that you are presenting yourself in a way that doesn't demand respect. You could be acting naive with others, or maybe you are gullible. I might poke fun of a girl that's a virgin at my age but I'd still respect her depending on how she carried herself.

    What am I saying here is the issue isn't that you are inexperienced, it's the vibe you are giving to other people.


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  • Your lack of experience is not a vulnerability. The problem is your around the wrong kind of guys and they just don't find you as interesting. They only want them for sex. They mock you because:

    1. Their immature
    2. They are NOT men
    3. Just to make you more vulnerable to become slutty and easy to use for sex
    4. Because your too different
    5. Because who you are mocks their existence
    6. They feel your inferior to them
    7. They're actually afraid somebody else who will love you will take you instead
    8. They don't want to waste time with somebody who is inexperienced

    And the whole full of things and points to add to this. The point is, the don't care about you. And they only do when its convenient for them. So if they don't take you serious. Why should YOU take them seriously? Just don't. Find somebody who is worth your time and will treat you with respect. Because its show them up for who they are. Trust me. Their no good.


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  • TLDR: Good girls > Sluts

    Absolutely don't. A virgin in your age range is the SMV equivalent of your weight in palladium. Provided of course that A) it's actually true, in EVERY sense of the term and B) you're one of that rarest of species, the female who ACTUALLY weighs what the hell every last one of them has no excuse not to weigh.

    Innocence has a charm that far surpasses the appearance of being willing to take it every way he's ever seen in porn on the first date.

    Sluts aren't even a dime a dozen, they're a piece of a pocket lint a thousand. But a woman actually capable of forming an emotional bond because she hasn't had her ocytocin production capability destroyed by one or more other partners? Hell, priceless.

    And yes, for every partner you have, it has been empirically proven that your ability to pair bond goes through the floor. There is no change for men no matter how many partners they have, but for a woman, her ability to produce oxytocin for her second partner even after her first is reduced by half. You are literally biologically physically incapable of caring as much for anyone after your first. That'd be scientific proof of what we always seemed to innately know, and why we behaved as we did, toward and about female virginity, until the sexual revolution, after which, if the prevalence of all the "where have all the good men gone?" articles is any indication, women's happiness and satisfaction has plummeted to never before seen lows.

  • Cause even if you don't have experience like slutty girls... No one wants or likes slutty girls for reasons other than sex...
    Which is mainly the reason why most guys would go for slutty girls...

  • Get a neck tattoo

  • One thing decent guys appreciate is honesty.

    You don't need to try to be someone you're not. The guys who make fun of you are obviously a bunch of dickheads with security issues who you don't need to be around.

    Just be yourself, do the things you enjoy, go out and live life and try not to worry about your virginity. In time, the right partner will come your way. Good luck! :-)


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