Is it ok for men to keep their ex's?

My boyfriend keeps ball gowns of his ex wife she wore in the past in a closet in his basement along with few suits of his.

I am very respectful of people's past but i do want to know if it is a good sign. He did tell me she cheated on him and that was the reason behind the divorce and that he is staying in touch with her on the phone for the sake of the child they have from that marriage.

On our first date out, he wore a class college ring she gave to him when he graduated and she signed it with her name. He never wears it but he chose to do so on our first date.

Just recently, he shared a conversation with me where his ex wife recommended that he moves in to live in the same town to be close to the child. He is saying that when we get married we can also do so. I do not feel comfortable, by the time he retire and we move there his child will be moving out to college and we end up being close to his ex wife and her new husband.

Is this normal? I never been with a divorced man who is so close to the ex wife who cheated on him with another man and married that man.


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  • There seems to be no point moving there only after retirement...

    I think this is a serious conversation you should have with him. Obviously he was very hurt by the divorce, yet is now considering marrying you.
    Is he's not still into her, he sounds at least like a person who values the past and relationships, is sensitive and got very hurt. Maybe he wore the ring because it made him feel more confident (in a bizarre way) in going back to the date scene after a while, though I will agree it'd be difficult for me to accept that as well, especially since on a first date questions about such ring would be likely to pop out... but maybe he didn't think of that.

    • Thank you for the honest reply. I haven't had a talk with him yet but will do so eventually.

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  • If she died it is good and something you want. You don't want someone who just throws people away.

    However, if she cheated on him and they got divorced, he needs to stop with that shit. Its one thing to keep stuff for the kids, if they had any, but he should not be keeping stuff for himself. It shows that he is not over her.


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