I want my brother to set me up with his friend on his baseball team but I'm afraid that he might get mad and hurt the situation rather then help?

It can go wither of 2 ways, he can literally set me up with him or be like no way, and get super protective my brother is overprotective and might be like I'm not letting u date him and give me reasons not to date him. My brother and I are really close, i share everything with him from every guy I've ever liked but now the only difference is he's actually friends w this guy and can help me and i rlllllly want to tell him but I'm so afraid I'm going to regret it and he's actually going to prevent us from dating.

  • Tell him and he'll set you guys up
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  • Don't tell him, he'll prevent u guys from ever dating
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  • I would ask him to help you. If he does deny you I am sure it is because he knows things about this guy that you do not and he knows he is not a good guy for you.

  • I let my sister date my lmfriends and I was overprotective of course after I gave them the speach (my mom and dad died when I was 18 and she was 13 so some one had to) and in the end she actually married him


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