Is he interested or is he just too kind?

Hello girls and guys,

There is this guy in my class, we are both in graduate school (we are both 24 years old), we work in the same industry but I lost my job as my work visa ended. Long story short, he offered to ask his company to sponsor and hire me which I thought was really kind of him, he was also in the same situation as me so he understands.

He sits next to me in class, and when he doesn't, he looks at me regularly and smiles. He has my number but he doesn't text me except to tell me about how it went with his boss. I am pretty bubbly over text (not too much though) but his texts are pretty short and concise. I am not sure if he wanted to help out of kindness or because he could be interested in me. He texted me yesterday saying that his company cannot hire me at the moment, I replied that I understand and that it was very sweet of him to ask and thanked him quite cheerfully, he replied with a "No problem" and that was the last text from him. I haven't texted back.

What do you guys think? I really want to get to know him at first but I don't want to come off too strong, I am the bubbly type of person, always happy and positive but he doesn't seem to be responsive to that over text but he is quite responsive in person. Should I take initiative and text him first, and if I do what should I say?

Signs I think he likes me:
- He smiles a lot at me and locks eyes with me
-He comes to sit next to me, in class or in the lobby
-He asks me personal questions (where I am from, what do I do etc..).
-He saved his number on my phone, when I have only asked for his email
-He said he likes the way I talk and my accent
-He had also asked for my instagram the second time we met out of the blue which I thought was weird.

Signs he doesn't like me:
-We barely text, once a week and it was about his company
-His texts are very short
-We talk about work most of the time


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  • You need to go for it. If you do nothing you'll wonder what if for the rest of your life


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  • I think he has developed a crush on you.

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