Telling someone you'll wait for them: How would you react to this level of honesty?

Been out on a few date-ish evenings with a great woman, but when it came time to make a move, she hesitated and told me that it's because she's still adjusting (still getting over a long-term relationship). She's a really wonderful woman and I've genuinely enjoy the time we spend together.

We're clear on where we stand. She's hinted that she is indeed interested (I think), and she knows that I am. That being said, I'm perfectly content with waiting until she's ready for something more. Would I be coming on too strong if I let her know that?

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  • I wouldn't wait. I'd say, "I see the timing is wrong. Here's my number, call
    me when things change and we'll see where we are. It's not fair to wait on an uncertain situation. And it's not fair to me".

  • Look. I'm not going to spout any sort of imaginary game at you mate but at the end of the day if you're waiting for her you become less attractive to her. That's just the sad reality.
    You can play this hand in plenty of ways but at the end of the day waiting patiently is one of the worst possible moves.

  • It's all in how you do it, mate. This is a NOT what you say but how you say it situation.