Guys, what the fuck?

A guy that I go to school with and I stopped talking a while ago but today we talked And he sat on the side I sit on in class in the front row (I sit in the back) and every once in a while he would position his body to mine, openly and he would look at me at certain points. What's does this mean?

I'm 17 and he's 19
Is he interested?


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  • INTEREST. His body is aiming at you because he wants to interact with you. Think about it, when you see someone you don't want to talk to you look away, turn your body, pretend to be busy or laser focused on something. Exact opposite for this, he is looking at you because he wants to talk/interact with YOU! Now the question is"do you like him back?" then flirting must occur to confirm with him/motivate him to getting closer with you and potentially make a move

    • I do like him back, so would this mean he likes me? As a male yourself what could I say to start talking with him again. Im shy with him now even though we had a history lol

    • I would first just try to not think too hard about this because that will make you behave awkward and potentially mess this up. Like I said, I am certain that he is interested in you and I'm pretty sure he doesn't just want to be friends.

      Since you are in class together and you are a little shy as you say, the ideal thing would be to use the class to your advantage. Try to get a project or group work with him so you are forced to interact with one another and that should be the first few steps in going out with him. It would be very hard/awkward if he wasn't in your class and you just walked up to him one day and started talking so like I said, use school/work/class as your excuse to get near him and talk. Maybe if you still have his number ask him a few questions about HW or a test. Once you talk to him for the first time in a while your fear/nervousness should go away and you should feel more comfortable talking/flirting around or teasing him

    • Once again don't overthink stuff and question yourself because your mental thoughts/brain control a LOT and can really impact your path in life. Just behave naturally, make sure to look cute when you go to school so he wants to look at you more, shoe interest back by aiming your body at him or looking at him etc. what's important is that he gets signs from younthat you are interested so he can go deeper and maybe make a move. Not many guys have the balls to just go ask a girl out with confirmation/certainty that it will turn out in his favor.

      Best of luck? Any other questions or concerns I'd be glad to help... 😎

    He is bewitched body and soul by your beauty!..

    • What do you recommend I say to him or do? Any ideas? 😊😊

    • Start with what you truly feel!..

      ' Stop staring at me!.. You are creeping me out? I am not a zoo animal '

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