How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?

It's a large part of the process when falling in love. I know my signs when I am catching feels and what buttons trigger emotions, feelings and lack of.
I was curious how other distinguished such differences between two very layered emotions.
I was once told when you know you know... is this solid enough to follow? What is your understanding and view point to this?
Just curious...


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  • For me infatuation is temporary and love is permanent - Basically if the weeks turns into months then years it is more likely to be love

    • Doesn't it start with infatuation? The dance of love...

    • I can't imagine a love that grows without it... however this is why I ask the world :)

    • I think it can grow out of infatuation

  • Time tells you.

    • Would that not make infatuation the start to love? If love takes time, I feel as if the two go hand in hand. Once two people have mutual infatuation love can grow... just thoughts

  • i share a bond with them-i can read them, and thy're always on my mind


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  • I honestly doubt that the majority of people are able to tell the difference. But love is supposed to be something that lasts for long, while infatuation fades away.

    • The other side of that is love takes work, so it seems infatuation is the beginning of love. The two are linked, in my opinion, that perhaps when two people are in like infatuation love can grow.

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