I only see my boyfriend once a week, we don't talk on the phone, we text every day. Been together for 6 months. Is this normal?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for six months. We've both met each other's parents. I've met his friends. We text every day, not a lot but a little every few hours. He responds but rarely initiates texting. It's both our first relationships ( both 21), so we went at a slower pace, but for the past month we've only been seeing each other once a week. Before that it was twice a week. Every time I ask for more, he says he is tired. He is very introverted and really likes gaming and other such activities. We live very close, but I feel like he doesn't put any effort in anymore to see me. Is this normal?


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  • Seeing each other once a week is pretty light, and that's coming from a dude who loves his alone time.

    Maybe you guys can spend more time tighter just hanging out? He can play his games and you can sit and read or something?


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  • I think seeing and talking that much IS normal. But feeling that he isn't putting in effort (especially if you've gone a bit backwards), is worth talking about. You should be able to tell him those feelings.
    Obviously there's the honeymoon stage being over perhaps and that's why he's more comfortable with seeing you less often maybe. But, if you ask to see each other more and he's making reasons/excuses, and he doesn't really start conversations that isn't fair. If he doesn't want to try harder for you then perhaps you don't work and he suits someone more like him.

    But try (if you haven't) suggesting activities that suit him, like if he's busy on his day off playing a game so he can't see you, ask if you can play it with him or watch him or whatever.

    If you feel you've tried everything, I suggest having a conversation about how you wish he'd try more and put in more effort (and give ideas of how).


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  • Shut the fuck up, you ungrateful brat, at least you have a boyfriend.

  • He should be putting in more effort

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