Do I stand a chance?

Ok so I'm in love with my best guy friend

and I think he knows it, he has a girlfriend though and well He's kissed me on the cheek before and when we were at a party he accidentally kissed me. Does he like me? Or is he just playing games?


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  • He loves you but he does not know you also love him so he is behaving like this.

  • What do you mean he kissed you accidentally at a party? There is no such thing as an accidental kiss! When guys (or girls) kiss you "accidentally," it's never an accident! They kiss you because they want to kiss you, then they pretend it's an accident because they're not sure of how you're going to react! One important thing to remember in all of this is that he's got a girlfriend. However, I would tell him straight out how you feel about him or ask him if he likes you in that way. Who knows? You may be next in line if he and his girlfriend break up!


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