Why are Asian girls oblivious?

I notice Asian girls never know that I'm checking them out.

I can follow them around, walk in front of them 8 times, try getting their eye contact... but it's like they are in their own world...

Why is this?

Usually a girl might smiles, or if she is not into me looks at me for a second and then ignores...

I am not asking this properly I guess:

So let's say at a mall or supermarket...

You see a pretty girl, and walk past her line of sight... And are square to her body,

Most girls will realize you are checking them out... If they like you they will hold their gaze and smile...

If not they might look at you for a second, and go back to what they are doing.

But I notice with 99% of Asian girls... They don't do this...

They won't look up ever... It's like I am invisible to them.


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  • Maybe you are not the type of guy that most Asian girls would care about. When someone is looking at me I do the same, ignore them until they do something. If they don't, then I just don't care, if they do, I smile if I like them or I just smile sarcastically if I don't.

    • What is the type of guy they care about?

    • I don't know, depends on various things, but I'm not Asian, so my answer would still be irrelevant.

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  • Well to stereotype and generalise, far East Asian women don't exactly seem approachable in general :)

    • Not East, mostly Chinese... I have no problem with Indian girls :)

    • Strictly speaking, if my geography is not totally abysmal, then the orient is further East than India. However, I've just thought, that probably depends on where in the world you are residing. :P

      Anyway, I've definitely noticed what you state. It's as if they're completely impenetrable and unwilling to meet you in any kind of communication or interaction, not even basic body language acknowledgement.

    • Sorry I am tired...

      But yes that is correct

      "It's as if they're completely impenetrable and unwilling to meet you in any kind of communication or interaction, not even basic body language acknowledgement."

      Yes, Yes, Yes! This is what I am saying...

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  • When guys do this to me, I reciprocate with the eye contact and give them a smile as a cue to come and talk to me if they want. Non verbal flirting is fine to begin with but if you continue to procrastinate and drag it on for years without bringing any verbal communication into the equation. I get fed up and move on. Those are the type of guys I eventually start ignoring and avoiding them. They can set them up but can't knock them down. They have no problems just giving you successions of staring and can't even follow it up with a bit of conversation. I filter out the slimeballs and time wasters.

    • That's how I see it as well...

      -You like someone, you make eye contact, smile and gaze at them a couple times...
      -You don't, it's a bit of an awkward smile, eye contact for a second and then no more...

      Humans can usually tell just by that if someone is interested or not...

      But with Asian girls, they never do this with me... I can tell if someone is creeped out by myself...

      But Like I can walk past an Asian girl a couple times, linger around, stare at her eyes... and literally she doesn't seem to be aware I am around her...

      Seems like you have been through a lot, I am really sorry...

    • So am I. Lol. Well I once made the mistake of giving them too long to act on it. Maybe those Asian girls are already paired off or only mix with their own kind. Or they could be just disinterested like other people have suggested. There could be many reasons why the don't acknowledge you. I know I treat people that way when they've betrayed me or just pissed me off.

  • If you mean my Asian (south Asian)...

    Then the simple answer is that growing up I was taught to not look at or pay attention to guys, it was considered wrong of a girl to do that - because it could lead to a guy approaching you, flirting, or a relationship etc which is considered the bane in our cultures.

    Even though I am very open minded and quite western, I still don't pay attention to guys around me, unless I choose to look around at other people - and it is simply because that is what I'm used to now, it's natural for me to not pay attention.

    And I think this may also be the case with some other girls.

  • They know, they are ignoring you. There are a number of reasons for this, but one might be they aren't interested.

    • Are you sure?

      It feels like they never even looked up, or made eye contact or anything...

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    • You never actually have to look at a guy to know what their intention is, just the way they are moving tells you what they are going to do. For instance, if im in a store shopping and a guy starts walking across the store.. he's not shopping he's talking... i don't need to look directly at you to know this.

    • Hmmm, how can I be more interesting to them?

  • Try being more direct

  • The fact that you say you "follow them around" and "walk in front of them 8 times" makes you all the while creepy. So of course, a girl won't look at you directly; she might just to call you a weirdo.
    However, if you are showing yourself to be desperate for the attention of a girl, you will most likely be ignored. It has nothing to do with being an Asian girl its probably just you.
    Im Asian myself, and no doubt I would react the same way. Probably because most of them aren't interested in you. Nor do I smile at a stranger, thats human nature for me.

    • Again, just a joke... I didn't actually walk around a girl 8 times...

      I mean I walk past her, maybe go into her line of sight... and I can't get them to look up or smile or anything... Why don't you smile at a stranger if I may ask?

      I don't have this problem with any other race, usually I smile and check people out all the time... and girls check me out too ( Rarely an Asian) ...

      I am just wondering why, it feels weird to me that I can't get checked out by them.. It's like they don't notice me doing it...

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    • What kind of things do Asian girls find attractive?

    • Well I can't give you a clear define answer on that, considering all Asian girls are different upon likes and dislikes.
      But I will say for most girls, girls like an individual who are dominate in being open to conversations, guys who are able to comfront them in a polite manner. Not guys who sound demanding or desperate to seeking a girlfriend so fast. It kinda makes them feel awkward and weird. Try starting a conversation with "Hello, how is your day? ..." and go on from there. Talk about things that person would like (only if you know the person very well), then start talking about things you BOTH like or have in common.

  • They might notice but are just not interested so they don't wanna give you false hopes?
    That's honestly exactly what I usually do when I notice someone I do not want to approach me is planning to approach me.

  • Well jeee blue anon maybe it's because you're freaking then out and they want you to go away!

    • No, they have no clue I'm there

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    • @Intraluminal

      Lmao no they don't!

      They don't even look up... You can tell when someone knows you are there...

      Like at a super market

    • Lemme tell you something bout women blue Anon. US women are extremely aware of any male gender around us. It's like the back of our hand were taught to be very aware of anyone around us. So you stalking them like a pray is most definitely going to make them clam up and not look up to notice you or pretend to be busy. That's just how we operate so we don't have to deal with unnecessary attention

  • i fiercely ignore men i have no interest in

    • And when the guys you like do that to you how does that make you feel?

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    • i don't understand why you assume that smiling at strangers is normal and common. it's not.

    • I like this answer so much.

  • Excuse me? This is offensive not all of us are like that.

    • Sorry :(

      So if you see a guy from across the room trying to make eye contact with you...

      Would you do some non verbal flirting to show your interest?

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    • I would look up briefly. To know if I was or not. by the way I know you probably didn't have creepy intentions maybe but walking around them many times seems very stalkerish.

    • Lol that was just a joke...

      I meant I'd walk past them a one or two times, and they never even look up...

      I can never seem to get them to look my way...

  • They're so used to it that they just ignore it or hardly care

    • Maybe Asians Girls are the most wanted apparently...

  • Im not even Asian and I'm like that, I'm like that because I'm shy so maybe thats why they're like that? Have you tried actually talking to them?

    • Maybe they are just super shy?

      I usually wait till a girl gives me some sort of signal, eye contact, smile... But they don't even acknowledge me

    • yeah, I'm too shy to even acknowledge guys if i've never talked to them so unless a guy comes to talk to me i won't pay attention to them or even glance at them, so if they're like me you probably should just talk to them, just walking past them is not going to work in this case.

    • I am too shy to talk to them too lol...

      But maybe this is the reason why, I'll try next time and see what happens...

      I guess they are really shy, and maybe don't expect attention from me... ?

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  • what a fucking creeper man...

  • Following them around and walking in front of them 8 times, I'm surprised they don't run away 😂

    • They have no idea I'm doing that lol...

    • I know what you mean don't worry OP. I have two sisters and one of them is like that too, she never looks up even at attractive guys. The other is far more bold, she's much more integrated into western culture.

    • Not 8 times...

      But you figure if the guy has crossed paths with you a couple times, is opposite of you.. You might give him a look instead of focusing intensely on an Apple or whatever...

      I don't know, maybe I am into really shy Asians who don't look up...

      I did catch an older Asian looking at my crotch though :-D but she was walking the other way...

  • I went to school with a lot of exchange students and they do notice, but they don't react they way American girls react. You need to approach them, period.

  • Yell Ni Hao or something? XD if they don't speak English I can kind of understand it. If not, no clue, just not focused on anyone or ya dont stand out.

    • Nah the speak English, but its like they are in their own world

  • A girl may not look at you obvious way for lots of reason. She's not interested, she's busy or may be she's so attracted to you that she's intimidated.

  • Don't be a perv. Might get you in trouble later.

  • They do notice they just pretend that they don't.