Why are Asian girls oblivious?

I notice Asian girls never know that I'm checking them out.

I can follow them around, walk in front of them 8 times, try getting their eye contact... but it's like they are in their own world...

Why is this?

Usually a girl might smiles, or if she is not into me looks at me for a second and then ignores...
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I am not asking this properly I guess:

So let's say at a mall or supermarket...

You see a pretty girl, and walk past her line of sight... And are square to her body,

Most girls will realize you are checking them out... If they like you they will hold their gaze and smile...

If not they might look at you for a second, and go back to what they are doing.

But I notice with 99% of Asian girls... They don't do this...

They won't look up ever... It's like I am invisible to them.
Why are Asian girls oblivious?
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