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There's this guy I started talking to on instagram and he turned out to be in a nearby city we had occasional chats and became really friendly I also found out he's a friend of my cousin.. our last chat was a month ago and now Im on holiday at his city he knows I'm in town so why isn't he asking to meet up (my cuzin told him I'm in town.. he also saw my snapchat)? am I supposed to wait for him to text or should i?

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  • Text him first and say would he want to meet up with you since your in his area. If he likes you he will say yes and see you.

    • But that would make me look desperate and also if he cared he would ask to meet right

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    • I texted him and he said he was busy FML thanks thoughπŸ˜‚

    • Your very welcome. Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. That sucks he said he was busy. He is probably scared and nervous.

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  • You should text him.

    • But if he really cared he should text first right?

    • It feels awkward for a guy to set a date when he never met you in person. Mainly because of your safety. So if you feel safe aka wanna meet him. Text him first.

    • That actually makes sense why he's not asking πŸ˜†... so how do I start conversation and roll it till the part we should meet up (I've never done this so I'm nervous and also don't want to look like a hoe)

  • Thats 'sort of' like your friend telling you she was invited to a party and you assuming you're invited. His cousin isn't you, if YOU wanted to hangout... I'm pretty sure YOU would message him and and least tell him you're in town.

    • But he's seen my snapchat stories too πŸ˜† and how am I supposed to tell him without looking like a desperate person

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    • Thats something you've just got to get used to doing. Talk about him more, ask questions. Try not to just be an interviewer though, I don't know be flirty and shit. Just talk to him and say hey I'm in __ if you wanna hangout sometime. If he only lives an hour away I'd say go for it, if not dont do an ldr..

    • I texted him and he said he was busy FML thank you thoughπŸ˜‚

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