How to handle two boyfriends?

well... see my ex broke up with me again yesterday and I walked home in the cold dark alone and cried after school. but theses two guys I was flirting with said they wanted to be my boyfriend ( THEY DONT KNOW EACHOTHER ) and I accepted , each want to meet up. one guy is 19 the other is 17 (they are both Spanish ). I don't know what to do because the 19 yr old is kinda like a bad boy lol (he's been arrested for weed but he's sweet and so masculine) the 17 year old is 2 inches shorter than me and we built a connection and he's excited he told his family. they both go to different high schools. I don't want to disappoint anyone but damn I didn't know what to do because my ex just broke me to pieces.
cheat, don't get caught
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tell them the truth ( i don't wanna be alone and it's scary , don't wanna see my ex with someone else before me)
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break it off with the short one
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break it off with the bad boy
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How to handle two boyfriends?
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