Why does nobody like me?

I'm always kind and friendly and honest. I always respect boundaries. However often times these same exact girls get their "boundaries" broken by other guys who end up getting them in bed or making them their girlfriend. I don't understand why? Whether I'm searching for casual hookups or serious relationships, nobody wants it with me. Please don't try to convince me that I'm somehow better off or that I'm "not chasing the right girls" because I've tried talking to just about every type of girl, ones like me, ones opposite of me. Geeks, jocks, party girls etc. Online and offline doesn't matter which one. Most girls never want to give me a chance at all. Nobody ever ever ever every wants anything to do with me more than friendship. I didn't even have my first kiss until I was 23. The few girls who do bother giving me a chance usually friendzone me (in real life) and online they tend to just disappear or perpetually be "busy" when I try talking to them. I'm always kind and patient and open-minded and understanding. I'm probably the friendliest guy you'll ever meet but apparently that's not very attractive. I have yet to know what it feels like to have a girlfriend (besides 2 REALLY long distance relationships).


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  • Not the be mean but I wouldn't want to date you either if I'm being honest. You sound boring and way too nice. "Friendliest guy in the world" I'm sorry but that's not a good thing.

    • Why is being friendly boring?

    • It's like looking at a black and white canvas. If you stare at it for too long it becomes uninteresting. But if you add a little color it's worth looking at again and again. You need to be a little more real. More colorful.

    • The way I am is the way I am though... like girls always complain about assholes and being "used for sex" while ignoring guys that treat them right because they are "boring." Then a few decades and 2-4 kids later they finally settle for guys like me. I see it all the time. It's depressing.

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  • You say that you are frendliest guy ever and then you whine about getting friendzoned, You say you respect boundaries and guys who get laid don't. Did you notice correlation?

    • I do and it just makes it all the more depressing.