How to get Western Asian girls attention?

I am not racist or have "yellow fever" or anything... (Not in it because of the culture, or values)

I am just really attracted to them... I can't seem to be happy with a girl of my own race, or any another race... Even if she is really nice... I don't know... I am just not happy... I really want to be with a compatible Asian girl.

The problem is I get little/no attention from them.

I am Indian, I know it's not the best race to date an Asian... But I have seen Indian Men with Asian Women, It is possible...

How do I get their attention?

My normal ways of flirting, joking around, gameset, approaching, style does not work on them...

Like my dream is have an Asian Girlfriend that I click with :(

It seems like they are only interested in:

Asian Men.
Tall White Men.


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  • Well, the problem is you think you think you can't be happy with anyone other than an Asian girl.

    When a guy says to me , it's not "yellow fever" or anything like that... the first thing i think is... it's yellow fever. It's one thing to say i find Asian women attractive, but i also like... It's another to say i can only be happy with an Asian giril because that's how attracted i am to them.

    I really don't like it when guys says stuff like this. If i had to go on a first date with you or some random street bum, im likely to pick the random street bum.

    Then, on top of that, most Asian girls aren't going to see indian guys as a preference for race or ethnicity. Not saying you won't find one, but really you sound a little weird.

    Go figure out whatever problem it is you have that makes you want Asian girls and then go find the right girl for you.

    • you are probably the guy asking why Asian girls don't notice you when you try to get their attention. Really, relax dude. If you wanna just get a hook up, go hire a hooker or something. Else, leave the rest of us alone.

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    • Hell, you are being too damn nice now.

    • I'm a nice person, I just was upset when I wrote these questions... Usually I write them a lot better. I don't like arguing or fighting, and I don't mean to upset anyone, so I'm sorry for that. I am here to better myself. I know I have some sort of issue, it sounds like I might be obbsessed having an Asian Girlfriend or Wife so I will try to deal with it now.

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  • The last time I checked, Indians are Asians too.

    • Yes lol, we are... but it feels like we are just a tad different from them... so they find it unattractive?

    • Maybe I can use some advice from you

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