How to get Western Asian girls attention?

I am not racist or have "yellow fever" or anything... (Not in it because of the culture, or values)

I am just really attracted to them... I can't seem to be happy with a girl of my own race, or any another race... Even if she is really nice... I don't know... I am just not happy... I really want to be with a compatible Asian girl.

The problem is I get little/no attention from them.

I am Indian, I know it's not the best race to date an Asian... But I have seen Indian Men with Asian Women, It is possible...

How do I get their attention?

My normal ways of flirting, joking around, gameset, approaching, style does not work on them...

Like my dream is have an Asian Girlfriend that I click with :(
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It seems like they are only interested in:

Asian Men.
Tall White Men.
How to get Western Asian girls attention?
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