I Don't Know What To Do?

My boyfriend of 2 years who lives with me, got into a fight with me about 8 months ago. He came to my work and threatened me so I called the police. My boss, coworkers and everyone can't stand him. Issue is that things are OK now, and I want my boyfriend to come to the corporate Christmas party, but I am worried about how my boss will think of me. What Do I Do?


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  • uhhh what was the fight about? I feel like the question you posted isn't set up right for me to answer.


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  • Don't bring him to the party unless you talk to your boss, and likely your HR people if you had to call the police to your workplace. None of that is required of course, but if you talk to them first and clear things up it'll make the going a lot easier as long as your boyfriend stays on good behavior.


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  • You're an idiot. He won't change

    • There is no need to name call. I know that he won't change, and maybe you have a good point. But in the time being, I have a Christmas party in a few weeks, and I cannot go alone when my boyfriend lives with me!

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