What did I do wrong?

I met this guy 7 months ago and we couldn't keep our eyes off each other or stop smiling. I got his number and we talked everyday all day. It then fizzled out and we quit talkin but sent random snap chats here and there. I sent him a few sexy snaps like 3 months ago and then about a month ago I went up to his place and we hooked up. I asked him to hang out the next weekend and he couldn't cuz he was moving cattle. The next weekend I asked him to hang out the baby was sick so I said we would just do something when she was feeling better. I then texted him that Monday and asked him to go to supper. He said he would love to if he didn't have his little girl for Halloween. I said okay just let me know. He never texted back. He didn't get the baby for Halloween the mom took her. Then I asked him to hang out this weekend and he opened my snap and ignored it. He acts so interested when we are together but when we aren't I barely hear from I'm him. He's not that busy because his Snapchat number keeps going up. (Yeah I've checked it a few times. I was curious if he was busy or ignoring me). Where did I mess up? All the guys at work say it's his loss and that they'd love for me to give them a shot, but I don't see it as his loss. He's amazing and my "dream guy". I'd kill for a chance to make it work. I don't plan on texting him first cuz I don't want to annoy him. Guys what do you think?
What did I do wrong?
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