Am I being strung along? if so what to do next, how to get over?

I asked one of my co workers out on a date and they happily excepted. We had a couple good times good vibes all around. She asked how my previous relationships where and I was open and honest.
We kissed one time which was nice but she claimed that she wanted not to rush and to take things slow. Which well i understood at work i we word chat after shifts and talk about our daily lives and such. I continued to pursue wen't on a couple other outings with lead me to believe well ok thing's are going cool. I made her lunch once and A bottle cap art piece just because. Soon after she sent me a text saying my life is really complexed and I'm not ready for a relationship at this point in time and i really need a friend. In the past i would write that off as the kiss of death, But this time I didn't In my head i'm more like well it takes time to get to know some one so why not put in a little more effort i mean i'm not going anywhere. So I play it cool for a while. (Grant it we go out on outing frequently and have a good time enjoying ones company so in my head i'm assuming well ok things look good). I try to kiss her again and she says you know it takes to be in relationship and i'm just not ready for any of this i don't have time. The following day i set her aside and say. Look if there's no chance in hell for any type of progression let me know tonight. She respond no it's not like that at all i just have a lot of personal issues I do like you, but i really need a friend your actions are progressive (dreamy eyes) and i just need to take care of my home life (family daughter etc). Since then i've been somewhat distant waiting for her to figure out her emotions... it's been a wreck I FEEL what i feel but i'm not sure what to do next honestly


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  • Yep, you're definitely strung along.


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  • I can not see how having those personal stuff going gets in the way of a relationship or dating etc you could keep it casual nothing too heavy until she is ready to be in arelationship with you, are you being strung along maybe? but she could be seeing someone else or have issues with an ex over their daughter etc but it looks like you have been put in the friends zone she wants to keep you around but not in a relationship she might have her eyes on someone else? and I feel she could have been a bit more honest with you

    • Thanks for the insight. As far as being interested in someone else she voluntarily told me she wasn't seeing any one on the side or nothing. Which I well just like well umm ok...

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    • I've been keeping my distance lately not texting Gm or how are you just been away playing it cool. For the most part i'm conflicted 1 half is saying yo just settle down and let it go. The other half is man there's hope.

    • Yeah I know what you mean girls can have that effect you get drawed in got a situation with girl going on she kept giving me signs for months I ask her out she said she has a boyfriend yet she still can not keep her eyes of me