Should I stop complaining and listen to him?

Lately I have been having problems with my family, mainly my parents and its stressing me out. and i complain to my boyfriend about it, he tells me he doesn't care about my complaining and understands. but i think its getting to a point where he is getting bothered that I'm letting it get to me. He said to think of us, and our future cause thats all that matters. should i stop, calm down and listen to him, i don't want him getting annoyed or hurt that i over think it all.


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  • If you're constantly complaining about the same stuff all the time, it's kind of expected of him to get pissed off about it. Imagine having to deal with the person who constantly complains to you about every little thing. That would be tiresome, wouldn't it?


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  • You should stop complaining because all women do that too much anyway.


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