Is He Serious? Older Guy Wants to Own Me... 😕?

I recently started talking to this older guy.. He is a major political figure in my hometown.. We have been talking for a few months now seen each other on a few quick outtings but never anything more..

Recently he told me he loved me, but how I can never leave him or make him upset. I told him im a 1 person gal, but he says things he wants to brand or get a mini tattoo on me showing im his, he tells me he will never let me leave him, or how I can never be with another man gor the rest of my life, im his for life and how possessive and aggressive he is... It has me feeling like its some 50 shades of type Dorian Grey Anastasia type time but possibly more sinister...

Its gotten to the point he wants to set me up with a secret house, pay off my education, basically take care of me. The downside our relationship has to be a secret since he is a major public figure... I dont know how to side steps this, constructive advice would be appreciated..
Is He Serious? Older Guy Wants to Own Me... 😕?
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