Was she ever intrested in me?

Met this lithuanian girl she goes to school here she lives 2 hours away from me. When we first started talkinh it was through text but it would be small and or she wouldn't repond back until a few days later she actually talks to me when we video chat at first i showed no intrest in her. She flirted with me a lot showed me her goodies when i didn't even ask. A few weeks later she invited me to come see her play at college basketball this would be the first time we meet in person. We talked for a bit after a game it was nice she kept hitting me laughing at the things i said. After that she sent me vids of vines and of her self and a video of her singing but then a week went by and we haven't spoken so i asked her if she wanted to be bothered with me still and asked her to call me when she can she's seen the message i got no reponse and i sent that 3 weeks ago and still haven't heard from her.


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  • She was. She just changed her mind.


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  • 1. Take long to text back ----->She sees you as an isgnificant speck in her life.

    2. Talks with her via text --->Ended up becoming her texting buddy/entertainment when she was bored.

    3. She's an attention whore/tease who just likes to flirt with guys.

    4. She got bored of you and moved on to another guy. She is now passively aggressively telling you to buzz off.