Do you think that he's not ready to settle, or does he not like me enough to commit?

I've been dating/seeing this guy for two years. We had a one night stand in college and ever since wanted to see eachother. He's attractive, athletic, and out going. While I lived in residence and he lived outside of the city, he'd drive down every week to see me. Aside from having amazing intimacy with him, we always had fun together. Everything was so easy and the chemistry was so strong.

After several months we got into a fight, and he left me. I didn't hear from him for months, until he decided to nervously get in touch if I had it in my heart to give him another chance. Now that I graduated I moved back home and now an hour apart. He was still in love with his exgf that he dated for 3 years before me, and met me right when he supposedly broke up- he loved her but moved past that. He drove down and told me that he wants be to be apart of his life, that I'm a special girl and that our connection is real and meaningful to him. However, when I asked him if he wanted a girlfriend, he told me he doesn't know what he wants, but wouldn't oppose to it. It would just have to happen. He is concerned and said that if we lived nearby eachother things would be different.

Every couple of weeks he wants to see me and make the drive down. As much as I love seeing him, I'm just not 100% sure if he likes me but not enough as a girlfriend, or seems to be enjoying being single after his relationship but also having me as a good friend. We talk a lot about sex, plans/goals, and what we look for in someone. I wouldn't want to pressure him into anything, and I know that sex is important to him. I feel like he wouldn't still be committing to see me if he was still only interested in sex, but I'm still a little unsure!
Do you think that he's not ready to settle, or does he not like me enough to commit?
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