My girlfriend got sexually harassed what do I do?

My girlfriend recently turned 19 and today she told me some guy was harassing her at school. He slapped her butt and she slapped him for doing so. When she told me this I was angry but she told me she reported him to campus police but I love her and don't want anyone hurting her. Should I confront this guy or leave it alone?


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  • Leave it as it is. She's already dealt with it and what's done is done. I get my ass slapped so many times but it's not something I think a guy should get beaten up for or slapped in his face for (unless he's repeatedly doing it even when I tell him to stop). Heck I don't even report it. If he does it again then yeah maybe you can confront him.


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  • I would just leave it as it is right now, it may be just a one time thing, but if it happens again, I would do something about it if I were you.


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  • Leave it alone. No point going and doing anything about it, she already retaliated and did the right thing in reporting it.

  • You can tell this guy to stay away from your girl but don't reach farther

  • leave it alone. If it stops then it's fine if it goes further then wait and see but I still don't think you should get involved if anything she needs to get a restraining order if it continues to persist and travels off campus and then the real cops need to be involved.


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  • Leave it alone. She's "Strong, Empowered, and Independent", let her have some equality.

    Plus, she's already dealt with the situation.

    And the second worst thing a man can possibly be is a white knight. Don't fucking white knight.

    • He can't white knight if he's her boyfriend, re educate yourself on the term lmao

      And No, don't " let her have some equality " not when she's his girlfriend, and I don't see the equality at all due to men being sexually violated is rare

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    • @XuR_CXV_115

      That's a type of white knighting too.

      She's already handled it. What you would be doing is getting yourself landed in a jail cell. Yeah, that will make you that much hotter to women, but it also means 'your' (LOL) girl would be out fucking someone else while you're locked up.

      There's no reason to get locked up (or worse, crippled or killed) over a woman. None. Especially when she's already called in the biggest 'alpha' out there, Big Daddy Government. You will NEVER be able to out-alpha BDG, nor will you ever be able to out-provide him. You have to use your head, man... your BIG head, the one that contains your brain. It will keep you from doing something stupid.

      Does it suck that we're in a situation like this? Absolutely. Every fiber of my being screams "The first time is a warning, the second time FUCK THAT GUY UP", but we simply can't do that any more. Welcome to the matriarchy, bro. Free boxed wine and Xanax for everyone!

    • How am I white knighting when she's my gf?

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