Is he a doormat and she doesn't respect him?

Long story short i have a friend who gets mad super fast, he is uneducated, doesn't think straight when he's emotional , can't reason well, doesn't know how to compromise.

he has a girlfriend, she's much more educated than him and she has a much brighter future than him, she's hot and he is attractive so i guess thats why she likes him.

they have been together for over two years and went through a lot to stay together, he keeps spending lots of money on her buyng her jewelry, clothes and food... etc she buys him stuff just not as much as he does, he acts like she's the only person in the world and wants to see her daily, stops at her workplace daily ( it got to the point she told him not to visit her at work again ) buys her stuff even though she doesn't need it, gets super mad if she ever talks or touches another guy, keeps pouring his heart out and telling how great of a person she and how much it hurts him whenever she says hi to a guy, even if its her classmate, and no matter what he or she does he's always the one going back to her to apologize and asking her whats wrong and trying to fix it.

last week she high fived a guy she knows who twisted her arm in a joking matter, he got really mad and starting talking for like half an hour about how he didn't expect her to act like that and how she broke his heart and destroyed his life, and at the end broke up with her, five minutes later he wanted to talk to her again to fix it, he simply is not logical nor reasoable he keeps asking me for advice and my advice works like magic but he rarely follows what i say, i can't do much more than tell him what he should do, what do you think?
Is he a doormat and she doesn't respect him?
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