Girls? Have you ever dated an immature guy?

Did it work out? Why or why not?


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  • Yes, and never again when I break up with him very soon. It's not working out mainly because of his emotional tantrums and unrealistic attitude towards life (very childish and irresponsible). Also that one guy is wrong, women date and marry men from all walks of life, smh.


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  • Woman would date a retard if he had a nice face and/or was tall.

    Women care about 3 things:

    1. Looks (Height, face)
    2. Money
    3. Social status

    This is ultimately what scores you points with them.

    • pretty much

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    • This statement tells more about you and the women you notice, then the women themselves.

    • @little_bird1 The shaming won't work ladies.

      A lot of guys are waking up to your bs and seeing what's actually the most important thing to you guys and what actually works. The scam had to run out some time.

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  • Yep and never again! It didn't work out because they were immature, duh. No goals n life, no job (or a desire to find one), no manners, not there when needed, etc.

  • I never dated. I will never date an immature, stupid, stubborn, ignorant guy.
    I would rather an older education mature man over a younger immature ignorant one (although I prefer the looks of younger men).

  • Firstly, I've never had a boyfriend and secondly, I'm a sophisticated young woman. I need a man, not a boy

    • yes all woman think they are "sophisticated" and your naked profile photo proves taht

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    • assume things about me if u want never said u couldnt iaam saying what i feel is righyt

    • @IceCubedude no, I'm not going to assume anything about you. I don't know enough about you to make a judgement

  • nope and would not date one either tbh


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