it's been 2 months since I am dating a guy from mu university he was so perfect at the beginning of the relation but now he changed 360 degrees he startrd avoiding me and avoiding our meeting I just hope he tell me that he stopped loving me then avoiding and I have already told him yhat he changed and blahblahblah but he said no baby ily blablabla but this time I'm waiting for him to be honest with me cuz I'm sick of always being the 1st talking to him and caring about all this please help me I really need your advice


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  • He's being honest with his actions. Listen to it. He's clearly not that interested anymore. If he cared and was just busy he'd want to reassure you that he's still interested but doesn't have time right now.

    • if he is honest he should come and tell me what he is thinking about, also he didn't connect or text since Friday. What do I do?

    • His actions are honestly telling you that he's not interested. Not everyone has the maturity or awareness to tell you straight to your face that they're not into you anymore. Learn to read the signs. I'd say stop wasting time on him. Go find someone else who will be as into you as you are into them.

  • he has someone on his mind

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