Men seem to only care about looks and women seem to only care about status?

Do you agree that men seem to only care about looks? Men will constantly lie to me and say that personality matters as well. However, these men never specify what attributes of personality matter as well. "Personality" is a blanket statement that encompasses a wide variety of traits so of course these men are lying because they are being too general.

However, when I ask women what matters most to them they say humor and confidence. These women never seem to say that a man's ambitions and wealth matter the most.

Do you agree?

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  • This is true for all the shallow people. Whom I desperately stay away from. I for one am about personality. because that is what's going to count long term. I can careless about the social normalcy. Not all men care about looks. Mature men and women understand that looks comes last and how a man/woman treats him/her will surface over all. Especially in long term monogamous relationships such as marriage. Its not about the money, because win reality, you can never have enough money for anything long term. But when you pride on getting rich, it can cause a problem by losing that person. However it depends on 'ambitions' and what his ambitions are.


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  • No one cares about money because in my circles we all have it.

  • I strongly disagree, looks matter to both male and Females, now, females are very strict when it comes to looks, they just don't realise it, they date a guy and criticise them in their head, so females do care about looks and wealth

  • Men do give higher priority to looks and women do give higher priority to stability, generally speaking. The genders aren't just fixed on one thing though..., human beings are complicated as are our attractions.


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