I keep getting rejected by women like wtf am I doing wrong? I'm gonna be 28 years old and I feel like I'm done trying this help?

The times that I do get women's numbers they always flake and say they are busy I mean wtf they keep saying maybe and I'm waiting for weeks with them texting and talking as if they are interested but then nothing, no communication, wtf?


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  • Not to sound shallow or w. e but... Areyou good looking?

    • Yup that's how it works

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    • Well, if you're a safe 6? and have a good personality? you should be good. check yourself, maybe you're missingsometing

    • pretty much if you look decent to average
      and you are fun
      then girls will love you

      if you are really ugly
      good luck bro sorry to say it

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  • Maybe you have a boring personality or lack confidence? Women likes men with self confidence & a sense of humour.
    Maybe you're pursuing the wrong women. You maybe going after women who are too beautiful or the shallow type so lower your expectations dude. And whatever you do don't act desperate... that's a huge turn off. You need to play hard to get.


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  • 3 things wrong. 1) your looking for women. If you look for a woman you are on her time, her schedule, and you have to totally attractive and stable. 2) you might be too nice or not there type. It happens. 3) they never was into you.
    I get women by doing nothing. But they play games cause I'm too nice. With you... It might attraction or your missing something women or looking for. If you have a lady who is a friend. Ask her what makes women not click with you.

  • Oh god it's my life in an anon question! D:

  • Do you have a wingman? Or can any of your buddies be your wingman? Do you know what shit tests are? Or understand the concept of game, both inner and outer. Let's put it this way to make it more clearer:

    Inner Game is about your confidence and self-esteem, how do you feel about yourself? Do you belief in yourself? Do you have any insecurities that you think or feel you should work on?

    Then Outer game is about social skills and physical appearance. How sociable are you? Physical appearance can be refined through physical fitness, having or developing a good sense of fashion, and proper grooming techniques.

    And always, it will take time. Be patient, it will come eventually if you keep working on those areas and get buddies that can become your wingmen.

  • Do you have any female friends you can talk to about this?

    Clearly, there is something wrong with the way you're approaching the ladies. But it sounds like you don't have any idea what it is, and it sounds like you don't have any clue how to change your approach to find a new way that works.

    Maybe provide us with a bit more details about how you're going about this?

    Back in the day when I was around your age, I had no idea what my problem was in the communication arena, until I made some female friends in college and asked them for help. They very quickly id'd the problem in my case. I came across as a down-beat and depressing guy. Apparently I was only funny with people I knew well. That gave me something to work on, and my new approaches were more successful.