Why do girls remember more dates and anniversaries then men when in relationships?

I don't mean an anniversary of marriage or becoming bf/gf. Etc it's assumed I remember that with my girlfriend. Most men remembers those dates but my mom and dad celebrated their 40th anniversary of meeting eachother and went to the same place they met to eat and sat at the same bar stools they first introduced thenselves to eachother 40 years ago. my mom remembered that but my dad didn't. when I joked with my girlfriend that there's no way I remember the first day we met she said she also remembered the date we met 6 years ago and was surprised I didn't also remember it. I remember our first date but how do women remember all these little details


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  • I don't know because I don't remember either unless there was a significant date near the time of a special occasion. (I. e. If my birthday was two days before the day I met someone)

    • I couldn't imagine remembering it says a lot about how good your relationship/marriage is but I mean I don't remember what I had for breakfast three days ago.

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  • I seem to remember a lot more than people about general situations, but I'm terrible with dates. I dunno they don't hold any real meaning for me I guess. Maybe girls find more importance.


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