What is the meaning behind "you are appreciated"?

So this girl I'm super into has been kinda seeing this guy for a month. I know that he has put her on the back burner and I'm trying to figure what to do as a gentleman/someone who's tired of stepping down. So I had asked her previously to go to a black tie event. She ended up going and she met my coworkers/parents. The next day we spent together again with the rents again.(this was the first time meeting them). After a long ride back she asked if she could borrow a MP3 to listen to to workout with so I gave her my old phone and my usual combo. She hit me up thanking me saying that "I had made her life that much more enjoyable." I down played it and she said it was "super sweet" and then said "you are appreciated"

i want ant to read this as, "I'm not tied down and you're the better pick"
am I reading this wrong? And should I ask her out again?
What is the meaning behind "you are appreciated"?
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