So, does this guy like me and want to be with me?

This guy Allen and I just went on our 3rd date. He kissed me on our second date, twice (short, nothing close to making out). We really click. We laugh at each other, we have similar humor, we remember things that each other says. He makes excuses to touch me, we text all the time and snapchat. He also has paid for my food and drinks each time we've met up so far. So anyways our third date was a club-like date. I thought it went really really well.. but he was sick and at the end of the date we hugged and he told me he would kiss me but he was sick and said he didn't want to get me sick. Not sure if he just didn't want to or genuinely cared to not get me sick. The thing that make sure me just slightly unsure that he wouldn't want me as a girlfriend is that I'm always the one making plans, and sorta initiating the texting conversations. From what I know of Allen's personality, is that he seems to be very easy going, and doesn't like making the decisions or plans. Like, he will talk about stuff he wants to do with me in the future (watching movies together, little vacations, etc) but it's never solid plans and he doesn't be bring them up again. What do you think? Im head over heels for him and I don't want to get hurt. I mean, I would be hurt at this point if i found out he doesn't actually want me. I still want to make plans to hang out with him, should I? Even if im the one making the plans?
So, does this guy like me and want to be with me?
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