How should a girl act on a dinner/movie date?

I am going on a double date (Dinner then movie) with my best friend. She is going with her man and I am going with her brother. Here's the catch, he is 25 and I am 18 which the age doesn't bother me that much. I've known him for a long time (and had a crush on him) My friend told me that he wanted to take me out, and has wanted to since I turned 18 (saying I was more mature, etc.) I've only had three boyfriends and kissed one (horrible experience) I don't know if he is trying to actually get to know me to see if it works out OR he is trying to get into my pants then ditch, which would be awkward since I go over there often (he lives with his parents still)

But how should I act during the whole "date" (movie theater and dinner) Should I be flirtatious (lean on him, hold hands) OR let him do the leading cause I don't know if he is testing the waters with me or not. Also would like some feedback on the whole age thing. Any tips are welcome.

EXTRA FEEDBACK: My friend showed him a picture of me on my instagram (pretty one of me) and he said "Damn, is that ********?" Friend replied yes "Holy shit, She's fucking hot!"
--that's when my friend told me he wanted to go on a date after I posted that, but my friend said he wanted to before then too.

He also has a kid.
He wanted to ask my dads permission to take me out as well (but knowing my dad, his little girl isn't going out with a 25 year old man)
He has cheated on two exes (that I know of).
He does drink too, like every other night maybe.


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  • People put their time and attention where their heart is. Judge by his actions.

    In other words, does he spend the date getting to know you better and building a relationship, or does he spend the date talking sexual and trying to get you alone.


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  • just act naturally the way u r