I'm in love with someone in the navy. But we both have doubts about long distance relationship. what should I do?

We've been texting more. Than normal. And he wants me to come visit him. And I really want to be there for him. I really care about him. And I love him I really do. But the long distance is the only thing keeping us apart what should I do.


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  • Sorry but there are only two options, because he may be in the military a while and they can move you around whenever they want.

    1) Deal with the distance until he is out
    2) Get married and go with him

    Other than breaking up until he is out of the military, those are your options. If you break up, be prepared for him to not come back.


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  • LDR do not work They are far too challenging and difficult to maintain. No matter how much you love someone the relationship can't survive the distance. Gradually you'll drift apart because relationships need more than more just calls and messages. You can't build a strong bond with someone unless you spend quality time in real life with them, and give and receive affection to each other in relation life.

    All you are having a relationship with is an illusion of what your own mind has created.