Does he like me or not?

So around the time that I broke up with my ex boyfriend, I had been quite lonely. Then I met this guy online who was amazingly sweet and caring. He listened to my problems and helped me out with the whole breakup listening to my late night phone calls of me crying, giving me advice. The whole thing. So after talking for a bit we decided to meet up and it was one of the best times I had ever since the breakup. We would just chill and cuddle in bed, watching movies all day, we would occasionally kiss, we play fought a lot and it just made me feel a lot better. After meeting up once more, we decided that we should settle for friends with benefits because moving on for me and him was too soon as he had just broke up with this ex girlfriend 2 months prior. He said if he caught feelings then we would slowly move onto having a thing (basically a relationship without the title) before getting into a relo. The second time we met up, he was really sweet and caring for example when I was laying in bed and I was half asleep, I felt him lift my chin and caress my face before he left a kiss on my lips and it sort of lingered there. He has told me numerous times that he is still in love with his ex and I couldn't help myself by gaining feelings. He would always tell me about how I'm his potential future girlfriend and how were going to date in the future. Heck, he even wanted me to meet his mom. We didn't want to rush into anything so I sort of just left it. But after I confronted him, I asked him if he had catched feelings and he said no and he said he's not sure if he will because he was prone to that shit now. Now we barely talk, we still flirt every time we talk but not as much. He also loves to whore around, he sleeps with many other girls and I can't blame him because I understand that he's going through a hoe stage. We always try and make time to see each other but our schedules don't work.

Is there a chance for us? I really like him, Please help im so confused!

UPDATE: when we meet up in person, we talk like best friends. We talk like no tomorrow and our friendship is just so much better in person but online we dont talk as much.


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  • I think he likes u.. thr is a lot of chance you both get committed.. if he is so into his ex he will not kiss u all.. May be he is interested in u. . N he is more comfortable with u.. so as u are comfortable with him


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  • no there is no chance he likes his ex and just uses u for sex, if ı were u ı wouldn't let such thing happen